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EdCast’s Learning Experience Platform and the Enterprise's Need for Customization

Tin Lizzy Factory

EdCast’s Learning Experience Platform and the Enterprise Need for Customization

Henry Ford once said, “Any customer can have a car painted any color that he wants so long as it is black.” This was obviously said in the early days of the automobile industry when car makers had a lot of leverage on car design and buyers had limited say, as there were very few options available.
Back then the Japanese car makers highlighted another way of making cars using concepts of lean manufacturing. This allowed for cars to be produced faster, with a high level of variety (in color and other features) and with higher quality.
Over time, Ford realized the need to switch over and embraced the concept of lean manufacturing (Also Read- Ford Product System initiated in 1995). Now Ford offers more diversity in their line of cars than most car makers.
Today, Enterprise users want a personalized and branded experience with differentiated customization options for their Learning Experience Platform (LXP).
The extent of the customization is not limited to colors, but also having the company’s brand and identity truly represented in all aspects of the product – from how content feeds work, to how they are named, to how they are laid out.
At EdCast, we focus on the mindset of our user, and offer innumerous customization options to the user, which are out of the box features that an EdCast user (or administrator) can tweak. The customizations that we offer to our end-users are really features that we see as must-haves for our enterprise customers and are maintained as features, so that scaling with EdCast is never an issue.”
We know that our LXP customers understand their company and want to manage their own internal brand. They also want to associate with companies that are deemed leaders and ones that have a healthy brand presence that they can associate with. We enable both. Not only do we provide a completely customizable product which can be branded based on the enterprise’s needs, but also invest in managing the EdCast brand in a way that teams want to associate with.
The complete learning experience is one that is customized for the audience as opposed to a standard experience that has a one-size-fits-all mindset.


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